Hello There

Tom DNetto.

Security Engineer & Chronic Tinkerer
based in San Francisco.


More About Me

Security infrastructure, systems programming, & embedded-software engineering.

My bio.

Currently @Google on the Infrastructure Protection team, I spend my days making Google more secure and my nights hacking on electronics/infrastructure projects.

Current twilight endeavours:

  • KCDB - A search engine for KiCad footprints.
  • Wagon JIT - Implementing native compilation into sbinet's wasm interpreter package.

Some projects of my own.

  • Subnet

    TLS mutual-auth VPN, written in Go.

  • Gofi

    Software controller for Unifi Access Points. Written in Go, optimized for the Raspberry Pi.

  • rbox

    Scriptable generator for raspberry-pi SD-card images.

  • nsstls & pamtls

    Linux NSS/PAM modules, to enable user-lookup/auth over an encrypted network channel.


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